About Us

About Us

Sarkar Laminates is a proud part of Hasan Hajee & Co., a known and reputed name in the corporate circles. Sarkar Laminates is an acknowledged leader in wood and wood products, involved in manufacturing of Plywood, Blockboard, Flush Doors, Veneers & other wood related products.. Read More

Who Taught Us

At Sarkar Laminates, We are proud to be a part of Hasan Hajee & Co, a reputed name in corporate circles in our region, with an enduring interest in shipping, transport, earth moving.

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We Care For Nature

Out extensive production facilities at Sarkar Laminates are fully geared to deliver to you the highest levels of quality in wood in the shape of plywood, blockboard etc.

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We are the Best

The qualities of timber products are primarily dependent on the quality of raw materials. Sarkar Laminates takes care to ensure that only the finest species of hardwood timbers are used.

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The Standards

Plywood, Blockboard & Flushdoors, Perfected by Sarkar Laminates, are manufactured out of superior species of hardwood, known for their strength and durability.

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Our Products

The range of Sarkar products are derived from select quality timber seasoned to perfection to offer best quality.

Range of Products includes

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